The program covers the major aspects of ECG monitoring, assessment and treatment of a patient in an emergency situation.

This course will refresh your knowledge on the structure and function of the heart and improve your knowledge on ECG identification and interpretation

The course is based on the American Heart Association CPR and ECC 2020 Guidelines

Course content:
– ECG components and measurements
– Heart Rate and Rhythm Analysis
– Rhythm identification: Sinus Rhythms, Atrial and Ventricular Arrhythmias
– AB Blocks
– 12 lead interpretation
– Myocardial injury/ischemia ECG changes
– R wave progression
– Pathological Q waves
– Electrolyte imbalances and changes on the ECG
– ECG zones on a 12 lead ECG
– Bundle Branch Blocks
– Pacemakers
– Analyzing the 12 lead ECG

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